We really enjoy working with people and helping them achieve their goals, sounds corny, I know. But what better job can there be? Individuals and organizations have a vision of what they want to do in the community. We try to put that vision into words and images that carry the spark of their passion. If every time you look at your logo, your website, your business card, it gives you a thrill, then we've done our job.

The folks who contribute so much to the development of our communities deserve the best from the rest of us. Too often non-profits don’t have the money they need to present professional and effective communications. Working within whatever budget you have available, we promise to create the best, most effective design products and marketing tools possible and to research new ways to make your dollars go farther.

When you choose a marketing professional to design your communications you’re hoping they’ll take the time to understand your vision. We make sure we know what business you’re in and who your target market is before we start the design process. We want to make sure we hit the mark and deliver design for print and web communications that puts you in the best light.

Times are tough, more corn, I know. We promise to research ways to save you money and still deliver the best design to suit your needs.

Actual > Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Favorite memory> Holman, NWT
Current > Sackville, New Brunswick

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, NS
BFA 1975 > Major Studio, Lithography

BKM Research & Development, Moncton, NB 2000
Multimedia Communications

Rewarding Work Experience
Manager, Holman Eskimo Co-op Craft Shop 1976-80
Owner, Rose Arts Ltd, Inuvik NWT 1989-1997
Website & Game Designer, HeyNetwork, Moncton, NB 2000-01
Owner, Sue Rose Design, Sackville, NB 2001-2008

Current Passion
Triangle Design, Sackville, NB

Coolest Assignment
To design a coin for the Royal Canadian Mint

Proudest Accomplishment
Co-founder of the Great Northern Arts Festival, Inuvik, 1989

For which I was awarded
A Meritorious Service Medal by the Govenor General of Canada, 2004

Greatest Influence
The Bahá’í Faith

Artistic Endeavours
Painting > Sculpture > Installation > Costume Design

Recent Creative Endeavours
Participant in the 2008 EcoArts Festival
Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, NB
Outdoor Installation

Design and production of costumes for The Tempest, Summer 2008, Festival By The Marsh, Sackville, NB

Award & Purchase
Canada Council Creation Grant, 1999
New Brunswick Art Bank, 1999

Representing Gallery
Peter Buckland Gallery, Saint John, NB

Community Service
Co-founder and Boardmember, The Great Northern Arts Festival, Inuvik, NWT from 1989-1995
Member, NWT Arts Council from 1992-96
Boardmember, Inuvik Chamber of Commerce, 1991-1997
Boardmember, Struts Gallery Sackville, NB, 1998-1999
Coordinator, Kinetic SculptureFest, Sackville, NB 2005-06

Announced April 2007
Royal Canadian Mint
Design and artwork by Sue Rose
New Brunswick Provincial Flower, Purple Violet
34 mm diametre 99.999% pure gold

Meritorious Service Medal
Awarded to Sue Rose by Govenor General Adrienne Clarkson
November 2004
Co-founder of the Great Northern Arts Festival, Inuvik, NWT
Established 1989 - the present